TENZ Institution Membership Application


TENZ Institution Membership is intended for schools.
With a TENZ Institution Membership, your school can join TENZ and have as many school staff as you wish registerd as members within your Institution Membership i.e. all staff involved in technology education can be registered as members.

Institution Membership Fee

Institution Membership fess are determined on the type and size (roll) of your school with larger schools charged more than smaller schools.
Information about your school/organisation is drawn from the Ministry of Education's New Zealand schools database.

Institution Membership Cycle

Institution Membership is renewed annually usually in February.


Your submitted membership application form will be sent to Engineering New Zealand (ENZ) who handle our financial services and you will subsequently receive an invoice from ENZ for your membership.
Once you have joined TENZ, renewal invoices will be sent to you each year usually in February.

Contact Person

When completing your Institution Membership, the first person registered within the membership will be the membership contact person.
This is the person who will be responsible for maintaining your TENZ membershp and who we will contact regarding your membership i.e. the person who will receive emails about the membership, payment invoices, renewal reminders, etc.

Registered Members

In addition to the Contact Person, you can register as many school staff as you wish under your Institution Membership.
All registered members will be able to login to their TENZ member account on the TENZ website.
Before continuing with this form, please ensure you have the following details about each peerson to be registered:

  • First Name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Phone (preferrably mobile)
  • Date of Birth (optional)

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