TENZ Conference 2023 Proposals


All conference presentation proposals submitted for the TENZ Conference 2023 will be reviewed and submitters notified of the acceptance, or otherwise, of their proposed presentation.

Workshop and Display Proposals

Workshop and Display Proposals will be reviewed by members of the TENZ Conference Team and you will be sent their feedback.
Once your workshop or display has been accepted for the conference, you may be contacted about any questions or suggestions the team have about your workshop or display.

Submit an Exemplary Practice Workshop (45 minutes) Proposal →

Submit an Interactive Workshop (90 minutes) Proposal →

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Research Paper Proposals

Step 1

Submit your proposal on, or before, the due date.
You will be notified whether or not your paper has been accepted.

Step 2

Once your proposal has been accepted, submit your full paper on, or before, the due date.
Your paper will be anonymously reviewed by members of the TENZ Conference Research Review Team and you will be sent their feedback including whether or not any changes are required before your papar can be accepted.
If you paper is accepted, as is, then you are done, congratulations.

Step 3

Make the changes requested by the reviewers and resubmit your paper.
Your updated paper will be reviewed and you will be sent the review feedback.
Once the requested changes have been addressed, your paper will be accepted for the conference.

Submit a Research Paper Proposal →