TENZ Individual Membership Application


An Individual Membership is a personal membership of TENZ. This type of membership is for you if you have an interest in technology education but do not work in a New Zealand school, e.g. you work in an associated industry or service, or you work in a tertiary institution.

Individual Membership Fee

An Individual Membership is $95 a year.

Even if you do work in a New Zealand school, you can choose to have an Individual Membership. Having a personal membership means that, regardless of where you work, your TENZ membership goes with you. This is useful if/when you change schools or change jobs and still want to be part of the technology education community and network.


Your submitted membership application form will be sent to Engineering New Zealand (ENZ) who handle our financial services and you will subsequently receive an invoice from ENZ for your membership.
Once you have joined TENZ, renewal invoices will be sent to you each year, usually in February.

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